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The first annual international medical volunteerism conference was a tremendous success! Major updates to the website are coming in May. In the meantime, go to the forums and continue the conversations. 

Also we will post an update about the television air time in May of the "Healthcare Reform" We Speak! Roundtable that happened at the conference.


Local, National, & International

Medical & Health Volunteerism

Ist Annual Conference

April 16th - 18th, 2010 



 Note: Please go to the Conference Schedule page to get a true scope of the conference!!

REGISTER NOW!!!  If you plan to attend, please fill out the attendee registration form. If you are coming from out of town, consider checking into our discounted flights and lodging.

Attendance to the conference is free, but we welcome donations. Donations will be critical in enabling us to make the conference available online, print more elaborate programs, and fund next year's conference. All donors will be listed as sponsors. 

See the overview below and the listings of speakers and exhibitors to get a sense of what this conference is all about. Also, feel free to become a member of this site and share it with friends! By becoming a member you can send messages, chat, and write comments on the profiles of medical volunteers. If you are searching for volunteer opportunities and/or want to network and have discussions with other volunteers, please check out our forum page. Visit for existing volunteering opportunities.

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Emory IMVC Flyer

 EmoryIMVC-Press Release


Emory University School of Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine, Mercer University School of Medicine, Medical College of Georgia, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and the Medical University of South Carolina are pleased to present the upcoming International Conference on Medical Volunteerism held at Emory University...





More than a's a happening which is attracting some of the most giving and generous humans on earth. Whether they are doctors, nurses, physician assistants, students, or lay people...the people at this gathering want to make a difference. They are a distinct class of people because they so greatly exhibit the empathy gene. They come from all places, whether they are a Christian, Muslim, Hindi, Jewish, etc network of folks who celebrate life by saving lives and reducing suffering, an Indian medical society, a group of 12,000 generous Pakistani doctors living in North America, or a non-profit local inner-city free clinic. They are not in it for the money. The lives they impact on are lives which would not be impacted on if they, themselves, were not there. Already over 100 of these individuals have offered to volunteer their time to speak about their journeys at this conference.


Come hear the inspiring stories of individuals who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place for others.  Some examples of these unique individuals are: 

  • A doctor who takes his family to under-served countries to volunteer their services instead of taking their vacations at posh resorts...their family bonding revolves around making a difference instead of lounging around at play. 

  • A senior high school student who has been participating in medical missions to the Dominican Republic every year since the age of 10. 

  • A surgeon who gave up his lucrative practice to travel to African countries teaching local doctors how to be surgeons...a simple decision based on learning of a mother and her child who died in childbirth because there was no one available with the skill of doing a cesarean section. 

  • A cardiologist who has adopted children from around the world who he has encountered during his medical expeditions. His family at home is this motley group of kids of all colors and backgrounds who remind him every day of the joy of his medical missions.  

  • A single eligible young bachelor doctor from Harvard who is not spending his free time on the dating scene. Instead he is recruiting a community of people to renovate a cluster of warehouse buildings in one of the worst, most down-and-out neighborhoods in Atlanta to establish a free clinic. This will be next door to a building to house homeless moms and their children, and another building where low-income inner-city kids are becoming chefs in their free time.  

  • A doctor whose practice revolves entirely around treating the homeless people in his home city of Pittsburgh... with a crew of volunteers who take medicine out to the streets when the street people don't come in to him. He leads an international group of doctors who have taken his "street medicine" approach to locations around the world. 

  • Physician Assistant students who routinely travel to South Georgia and provide free clinics to immigrant farm workers on peach plantations. 

So if you'd like to connect up with a wide assortment of like minds; folks who can give you the inside scoop on their personal experiences, plan to join the crowd. There will also be lectures, slide presentations, and brainstorming panel discussions on broad topics, such as:   

  • How do you leave a lasting impact on the community you visit?  
  • How do you work these wonderful adventures into your busy daily life? 
  • How do you remain sensitive to the cultural norms in a foreign cultural setting? 
  • How do you de-bureaucratize and satisfy your yearning to make a difference? 
  • How do we infect the world with the desire for these types of experiences? 
  • How do we make it easier for people to participate in medical missions? 
  • How do we phase out monetization and phase into humanization? 

To see a list of the speakers, visit the "Speakers and Exhibitors" tab or click here.


If lectures are not your cup of tea, this conference will also offer you the opportunity to roam about from exhibit table to exhibit table in a festive atmosphere and speak one on one about the inner workings of medically charitable non-profit groups. You can network with those who have had medical volunteer experiences, and others who have never done any volunteer work and are interested in joining in. Learn about volunteer opportunities. Sign up and get involved right away if you wish.  

To see a list of the exhibitors, visit the "Speakers and Exhibitors" tab or click here.


If you have stories to share and would like to get involved and join in right away or are hesitant to speak on a platform, you are welcome to contribute to a collaborative book about volunteer experiences...showcasing rich stories from those whose lives are infused with the excitement of participating in the world of medical volunteer work. 

Check out the collaborative book tab or click here.


A Talent Show

MEDICAL VOLUNTEERISM'S GOT TALENT! If you are involved in medical volunteerism, and you've got any kind of performance talent, please consider sharing it onstage at the Saturday evening talent show....and help add entertainment to the inspiration and education of this conference...

Check out the talent show tab or click here.


A Fun Run

The Emory PA 9th Annual Care to Share 5K Fun Run and Kids Mile will take place on the same weekend. Click here for more information.



In the spirit of volunteer work, this conference is free and open for anyone to participate in and attend.


Feel free to contact us with any questions.          


Zoe Haugo, coordinator

[email protected]  404-417-9780 


Gauri Melkote, coordinator

[email protected] 678-362-7658


If you have any trouble navigating the website,  

contact Marijan Pejic at [email protected] 


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